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  • Sean Hannity 12/15/2010 (Segment 1)

    Sean Hannity 12/15/2010 (Segment 1)

    Deneen Borelli, a fellow with Project 21, debates the economic sense of extending unemployment compensation past 99 weeks. Joining Deneen on this 12/18/10 segment on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” is Amity Shlaes […]

  • The Environmental Punishment Agency

    The Environmental Punishment Agency

    Amanda Carey of The Daily Caller wrote a story on the Environmental Protection Agency’s push for greenhouse gas regulations noting such regulations “will drastically increase costs for the majority of Americans who get their heat […]

  • Fox and Friends 11/12/2010

    Fox and Friends 11/12/2010

    On the 11/12/10 edition of “Fox and Friends,” Deneen Borelli discusses the next political steps for Nancy Pelosi after her party’s tremendous mid-term election defeat. Joining in the discussion with host Brian Kilmeade is liberal […]

  • The Mouthpiece of Radical Liberalism

    The Mouthpiece of Radical Liberalism

    General Electric’s MSNBC network and its hosts are leading examples of left-wing radicalism. A release from The National Center for Public Policy Research notes: • At the “One Nation” political rally at the Lincoln Memorial […]

  • The Flag of Freedom or Tyranny?

    The Flag of Freedom or Tyranny?

      “No Retreat!  No Surrender!”  You will hear this shout of freedom from me until things truly change inside the beltway.   Some of our newly elected officials come fresh from the grass roots of America’s Tea Party movement and […]

  • The Man Who Would Be King

    The Man Who Would Be King

    While attending a climate change conference in China, billionaire New York City ‘Nanny State’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg had something to say about our newly elected politicians – he thinks they are too naïve and ill-informed […]



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