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  • The Wasserman Schultz double standard

    The Wasserman Schultz double standard

    Remember the controversy over that conservative congressman’s remark that any toddler who isn’t in school will likely end up in jail? Remember the liberal acrimony over this obviously racist insinuation that black kids can either […]

  • National Debt and Leadership

    National Debt and Leadership

    Deneen says that the American people “want to see true leadership” in decreasing the debt and getting spending under control in Washington, and that President Obama avoided responsibility when he had enough popular support in […]

  • The House Must Stop the EPA

    The House Must Stop the EPA

    It’s truly shocking that with 9.2 percent unemployment, President Obama is accelerating his war on fossil fuels. With progressives controlling two branches of government, conservatives need the House of Representatives to use every means possible […]



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