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  • Green Fantasies turning into Green Nightmares

    Green Fantasies turning into Green Nightmares

    John Stossel’s commentary, “The White House’s Green-Jobs Fantasies,” draws attention to a policy paper by American Enterprise Institute’s Kenneth P. Green, “The Myth of Green Energy Jobs: The European Experience.” Green’s study shows the failure […]

  • Eric Holder Views World Through Color-Coded Prism

    Eric Holder Views World Through Color-Coded Prism

    Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t like being questioned about his department’s handling of a voting rights case in Philadelphia, PA involving members of the New Black Panther Party. Responding to questions during a subcommittee hearing, […]

  • Consequences of EPA's Agenda Exposed

    Consequences of EPA's Agenda Exposed

    The National Center for Public Policy Research issued a press release about a hearing examining how the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases can impact the job market. The Center concludes the EPA is a “job-killing […]

  • Spain’s Solar Energy Crisis

    Spain’s Solar Energy Crisis

    Over the last decade, Spain became one of the world leaders in solar energy production. Many celebrated this development as one of the great success stories in renewable energy technology. But a closer look at […]

  • Taxpayer Funded Propaganda

    Taxpayer Funded Propaganda

    Amanda Carey’s Daily Caller story exposes another wasteful use of taxpayer money derived from Obama’s economic stimulus plan.  It’s shocking that our money is being used to promote New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s war […]

  • The NAACP's Racism Double Standard

    The NAACP's Racism Double Standard

    It’s clear that the civil rights establishment, knee-jerk toward what it perceives to be discrimination, turns a blind eye to intolerance and incivility directed at conservatives — even when the victims are black. Over the […]

  • Fox and Friends 2/20/2011

    Fox and Friends 2/20/2011

    Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli talks about the Wisconsin legislative crisis in which the White House is siding with opponents of Governor Scott Walker’s plan to fix the state’s budget deficit by reforming the benefits […]



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