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  • New EPA Rule Killing Jobs

    New EPA Rule Killing Jobs

    New report indicates that EPA will most likely force the closure of coal plants which supply 46% of the energy we now use. Deneen weighs in on the pros and cons of the affects of […]

  • Deneen on the 8/19/11 Edition of America Live!

    Deneen on the 8/19/11 Edition of America Live!

    Deneen joins host Megyn Kelly, Fox Business Network’s Elizabeth MacDonald, and Alan Colmes of “The Alan Colmes Show” for the “Power Panel” segment of “America Live!” on the Fox News Channel. The panel discusses policies […]

  • Food Stamps = Stimulus?

    Food Stamps = Stimulus?

    “There are more people on food stamps than people living in California” says Deneen; Mark Levine — Economist claims food stamps create more jobs. Both of them have a spirited debate over the pros and […]

  • Tom Sullivan Show – 8/14/2011

    Tom Sullivan Show – 8/14/2011

    Are Unions Losing Their Power? Food Stamp Fraud and Sexism are the issued covered in a”Crossing the T’s” segment on the Tom Sullivan Show.   Deneen  has a spirited debate with Al Lewis — Columnist for […]

  • America’s News HQ – Power Panel – 8/14/2011

    America’s News HQ – Power Panel – 8/14/2011

    Fox News Heather Childers Hosts the POWER PANEL composed of Deneen; Judy Miller — Investigative Reporter; and Ellen Ratner — Bureau Chief, Talk Radio News Service/ Share their opinions in an open POWER PANEL discussion […]

  • Lou Dobbs – 8-12-11

    Lou Dobbs – 8-12-11

    Who won? Who Lost? The Recent Republican debate is discussed and analyzed. Lou Dobbs sits down with the A-Team Panel composed of Deneen; Christopher Hahn — Former adviser to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer; and Mark […]

  • It’s the Spending, Stupid

    It’s the Spending, Stupid

    On the 8/6/11 edition of “America’s News Headquarters” on the Fox News Channel, Deneen says that the lack of attention to out of control spending by President Obama and his supporters is a primary reason […]



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