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  • Cap-and-Trade is a Ball-and-Chain for Poor Americans

    (Released Aug 2009) As Congress considered the Waxman-Markey “cap-and-trade” bill, President Obama rallied House Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats at the White House. In making a point, he gestured to Abraham Lincoln’s portrait and said, […]

  • Special Treatment and Sotomayor

    (Released Jul 2009) In a recent 5-to-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected race-based employment practices. In Ricci v. DeStefano, all Americans are put on equal footing regardless of race. But some don’t like this […]

  • Obama’s Real Religion: Politics

    (Released Jun 2009) Remember the iconic portraits of Barack Obama during the presidential campaign? How about the Egyptian storekeeper selling plaques calling Obama the “New Tutankhamon of the World” during his recent Middle East visit? […]

  • Black Backing of Barack Should Not Be Unconditional

    (Released Nov 2008) Barack Obama’s election is a capstone on black Americans’ struggle for equality. While isolated racial intolerance can be expected to continue, Obama’s electoral landslide and victory in majority-white states such as Iowa […]

  • Elites Denying Affordable Energy to Average Americans

    (Released Oct 2008) Failing schools, crime and single-parent households are just a few of the challenges facing urban communities. Now, thanks to “Club Green” – radical environmentalists and their supporters – soaring energy prices join […]

  • The Civil Rights Shakedown: Myth or Reality?

    (Released Jul 2008) Al Sharpton is making headlines again, but it’s not for one of his crusades. Instead, Sharpton, his National Action Network (NAN), and several major corporations that have donated to NAN have been […]



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