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  • The Right Way to Reform Medicare

    The Right Way to Reform Medicare

    Donald Berwick, Medicare’s chief administrator, is rightly convinced that Medicare has to be reformed. And he is just as correct to point out that there is, as he writes in a recent article in the […]

  • Sowing Terror, Reaping Fear

    Sowing Terror, Reaping Fear

    Tyranny comes under all forms of colorful and imaginative disguises.  That’s why it often takes a while before it is recognized as such. And even then, not surprisingly, there is a strong resistance to acknowledge […]

  • Obama's Uphill Battle

    Obama's Uphill Battle

    Deneen and Dan Gerstein – Democratic Strategist weigh in on lively debate over how President Obama will be facing an Uphill Battle in 2012.  Obama is paying for keeping one of his campaign promises: skyrocketing […]

  • American Citizens: Country is on Wrong Track

    American Citizens: Country is on Wrong Track

    Recent polls from CBS and The New York Times show that Americans feel that the country is on the wrong track. Deneen, China Okasi — Former Educator and Lis Wiehl- Fox News Legal Analyst discuss the hot issues […]

  • The Trump Factor and Pain at the Pump

    The Trump Factor and Pain at the Pump

    Deneen, Caroline Heldman of Occidental College, and Imus’ Radio Producer, Bernard McGuirk , debate issues of the day regarding Donald Trump’s political position and the escalation of gas prices throughout the country. Hannity’s “Great American Panel” […]

  • New Black Panther Party's Call to Action

    New Black Panther Party's Call to Action

    Members of the New Black Panther Party are organizing a National/International Day of Action and Unity “…in over 60 cities in America, Africa and worldwide,” on Saturday, April 23, 2011. According to the press statement, […]

  • Agitator and Chief

    Agitator and Chief

    President Obama was not happy following his interview with Brad Watson, a reporter with WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas. Watson pressed Obama on several issues from why he’s unpopular in Texas to whether or not Obama […]

  • Atlas is Shrugging

    Atlas is Shrugging

    From Millions of Tea Party supporters have rallied over the past two years, many have brought with them signs referencing Atlas Shrugged. As you rally on April 15th for your local Tax Day protest, […]

  • Rude Crude Olbermann

    Rude Crude Olbermann

    Just when you thought you’ve heard it all from former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, he strikes again. Caroline May’s Daily Caller story, “Olbermann says S.E. Cupp demonstrates the ‘necessity’ of Planned Parenthood,” describes Olbermann’s Twitter […]



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