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  • Wright Comments Hurt Black Churches

    (Released May 2008) Black churches are facing a threat to their very existence. A few years ago, there were unsubstantiated fears of a campaign of physical destruction by arsonists. There is also the danger every […]

  • A Charity Bill That Would Keep People from Giving

    (Released May 2008) Despite our society’s significant strides in accepting blacks and other minorities, supporters of race and gender preferences continue to try to perpetuate 1950s attitudes by creatively developing new concerns. Their goal: to […]

  • Global Warming Statists Threaten Our Liberty

    (Released Jan 2008) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – “unalienable rights” cited by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence – are now at risk as left-wing activists seek to curtail our […]

  • Earmarks Rob Taxpayers to Benefit Politicians

    (Released Dec 2007) Remember “The Mod Squad” television series that ran on ABC from 1968 to 1973? Chronicling three diverse, hipper-than-hip young cops working in the counter-culture movement of the day, the network promoted it […]

  • Live from New York, It’s More Regulation

    (Released Sep 2007) New York City is known for Broadway musicals, but now there’s a reality show that you don’t want to miss called “Looting Liberty.” Starring Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it chronicles the ever-dwindling personal […]

  • Diversity Doesn’t Need to Be Forced

    (Released Aug 2007) Supporters of racial preferences think the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rejection of preferences in school admissions heralds the death of diversity in America. Critics of the Court’s promotion of race-neutral standards believe […]

  • CAFE Tab Too Expensive for America

    (Released Jul 2007) Proposed legislation to increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards – the federally-mandated fuel efficiency rules for cars, light trucks and SUVs – will likely cause more harm to the American people […]

  • Gun Ownership Becoming a Capital Idea

    (Released May 2007) For years, Shelly Parker faced intimidation and harassment from the drug dealers and gang-bangers who roamed her neighborhood. Already frustrated because the police never did enough to make her feel truly safe, […]

  • Oprah Shouldn’t Give Up on Our Kids

    (Released Feb 2007) After visiting our nation’s failing urban public schools, Oprah Winfrey felt frustrated. In an interview with Newsweek magazine, she said: “I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools in the U.S. The […]



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