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  • Government Shutdown?

    Government Shutdown?

    Deneen and Krystal Ball discuss the political ramifications to both parties if there is a government shutdown. Deneen points out that people who pay attention to government spending are demonstrating common sense — not extremism.

  • Hannity's Great American Panel on 3/31/2011

    Hannity's Great American Panel on 3/31/2011

    I was a participant in Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel” on the 3/31/11 edition of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel. Joining Deneen and Hannity are pollster Doug Schoen and prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. Deneen Borelli […]

  • The Climate Change Myth

    The Climate Change Myth

    Not that long ago people thought that the earth was the center of the universe – with the sun spinning around it. A fitting place for man to live. Today we are asked to believe […]

  • Color-Coded Department of Justice

    Color-Coded Department of Justice

    Caroline May’s Daily Caller story highlights concerns about whether Assistant Attorney General Loretta King’s decisions are guided by “the law or racial politics.” Initially, questions were raised about the Department of Justice’s handling of the […]

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing

    This morning the WSJ reported that Gadhafi’s forces took the town Ajdabiya which is about an hour’s drive south of Benghazi, the rebels’ capital. His fighter jets bombed the center of Ajdabiya to ruins. Civilians […]

  • Green Fantasies turning into Green Nightmares

    Green Fantasies turning into Green Nightmares

    John Stossel’s commentary, “The White House’s Green-Jobs Fantasies,” draws attention to a policy paper by American Enterprise Institute’s Kenneth P. Green, “The Myth of Green Energy Jobs: The European Experience.” Green’s study shows the failure […]



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