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  • Obama Attacks FreedomWorks

    Obama Attacks FreedomWorks

    In Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone, he suggests FreedomWorks is an industry front group: “some very traditional, very powerful, special-interest lobbies. I don’t think this is a secret. Dick Armey and FreedomWorks, which was one […]

  • More Corruption from Obama’s Stimulus Plan

    More Corruption from Obama’s Stimulus Plan

    Amanda Carey of The Daily Caller published a story that exposes Congressman Russ Carnahan’s (D-MO) brother got $107 million from Obama’s economic stimulus plan to support his wind farm. In addition to bailing out state […]

  • Obama’s War on Fossil Fuels Continues

    Obama’s War on Fossil Fuels Continues

    With the Senate cap-and-trade bill on hold, President Obama is not taking no for an answer. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Obama promised to pursue an energy policy that would “address all facets […]

  • Sean Hannity 9/27/2010

    Sean Hannity 9/27/2010

    Deneen Borelli of Project 21 with Monica Crowley and Sean Hannity discuss the progressive attack on conservative women.

  • Progressives Drive the Clinton Global Initiative

    Bill Clinton complained this week about the sparse attendance of hedge funds that were participating in his Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Meanwhile, Amanda Carey of The Daily Caller reports on the significant number of progressives […]

  • Ohio Democrat Drops The "F-bomb" on Tea Partiers

    Shocker! More name calling from the progressive camp against Tea Party members. Thinking his remarks were off camera, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern dropped the “F-bomb” during an endorsement event in Ohio this week.

  • “I’m Exhausted of Defending You”

    “I’m Exhausted of Defending You”

    That’s what President Obama heard today during his town hall event televised on CNBC. A black middle-class mother told Obama: “I’m one of your middle class Americans and quite frankly, I’m exhausted.  I’m exhausted of […]

  • Progressives Challenge Tea Party Movement Again

    From day one, the progressive movement has tried to discredit the Tea Party movement by calling its members racists, extremists and AstroTurf. With the midterm elections approaching, the Obama Administration is desperate to motivate their […]

  • I’m Coming to a Theater Near You!

    I’m Coming to a Theater Near You!

    I am honored to be part of the cast of “Fire From the Heartland,” a film by Citizens United. Politico reports, “…Citizens United will premiere a documentary in Washington next week that they say is […]



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