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  • Fire From the Heartland

    Fire From the Heartland

    The first-ever film to tell the entire story of the conservative woman in her own words, “Fire from the Heartland” is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened […]

  • Obama’s Big Business Masters

    Obama’s Big Business Masters

    In today’s The Daily Caller, Amanda Carey exposes the big business agenda that’s driving Obama’s war against fossil fuels.  “In many ways, the president is simply the front man for the social, political and business […]

  • More Government Regulations Equal Less Jobs

    Coal miners in the Appalachian region are gravely concerned about their jobs due to additional regulations in the mining industry. reports, “…with the stricter rules in place, the industry, which is considered the lifeblood […]

  • First Sergeant Michelle Obama’s War on Food

    A Los Angeles Times story “Next, Michelle Obama’s health reform plan for the nation’s restaurant menus and families dining out,” reports First Lady Michelle Obama recently addressed the National Restaurant Association offering suggestions and seeking […]

  • CEOs Try to Rescue Obama

    With unemployment rising and Obama’s poll numbers falling big business leaders are coming to the president’s rescue.  At the Montana Economic Development Summit held this week, GE CEO Jeff Immelt joined Warren Buffet and Microsoft […]

  • NAACP Is Playing Politics, Big Time!

    Fox News Commentary – Published July 16, 2010: If it wasn’t clear before, the NAACP’s resolution to paint the Tea Party movement as racist leaves no doubt that the once venerable group has irreparably destroyed […]



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