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  • Trump Was Right On Sweden

    Trump Was Right On Sweden

    The media attacking President Donald Trump over his comments about Sweden was wrong. During his speech on Saturday, Trump discussed problems that EU nations were having regarding large-scale immigration. The media jumped on his comments […]

  • Maverick McCain Rips Trump

    Maverick McCain Rips Trump

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is trying his best to maintain his maverick status by becoming the biggest critic of President Trump. In a preview of NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host Chuck Todd, McCain blasts […]

  • Trump Goes On Offense

    Trump Goes On Offense

    President Trump’s press conference sent the left-wing media into a frenzy but it was music to the ears for his supporters. Trump listed the impressive accomplishments he has achieved to date and blasted the media […]

  • U.S. Intelligence Undermines Trump

    U.S. Intelligence Undermines Trump

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that U.S. intelligence officials have kept information from President Trump. The reason for their failure to fully communicate with Trump is a lack of confidence that the information will […]

  • Left Plays Watergate Card To Attack Trump

    Left Plays Watergate Card To Attack Trump

    The left is working overtime to attack President Trump. In its latest attempt, the liberal mob is comparing Michael Flynn’s discussion with the Russian ambassador and other possible connections between Trump’s campaign staff with Russia […]



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