Big Business Is the Next Target of the Tea Party Movement

As the Tea Party movement continues its drive to hold elected representatives accountable, Big Business is also increasingly concerned about the impact the movement can have on their companies.

The cozy relationship between Big Government and Big Business is responsible for ObamaCare and the passage of cap-and-trade in the House of Representatives.

The rise of the Tea Party movement threatens the aforementioned alliance.  The cover story of Businessweek highlights the tension between Big Business and the Tea Party movement.

General Electric is an example of a multi-national corporation that has drawn fire from the Tea Party because its business strategy has conflicted with the movement’s principles.

In June the Tea Party-affiliated National Center for Public Policy Research demanded Immelt’s resignation, calling GE an ‘opportunistic parasite feeding on the expansion of government.’ Immelt’s offenses included lobbying for a $450 million earmark to fund an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter engine, taking advantage of federal subsidies for clean energy, and running the conglomerate that owned liberal cable channel MSNBC.

CEOs who gravitate toward a progressive agenda will feel the wrath of the Tea Party movement.