CA Elites Battle For Carbon Law With Big Bucks

A story in AdAgeMobile based on a study by YouGov’s BrandIndex notes leading American brands can be sorted into political groups – some brands are blue while others are red.

Google, for example, ranked as the top brand for Democrats.

There is no doubt that Google is a progressive company.  In addition to recently holding a fundraiser for Democrats, company executives are defending a state climate law.  According to Bloomberg, Google has joined with other progressive companies and Hollywood by giving money to defeat California Prop. 23 which would delay a state law aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and James Cameron, director of the world’s top- grossing film “Avatar,” have donated to the campaign in the past two weeks, according to state records. If passed, the measure would undermine the nation’s largest solar market and threaten $9 billion in venture capital investments, according to analysts, investors and renewable-energy companies.

While California elites push for limits on greenhouse gas emissions, middle-class and lower income households will suffer the consequences through higher energy costs and job losses.