Progressive Elites Campaign Against California Prop. 23

While President Obama’s cap-and-trade plan is stalled in the Senate, the battle between jobs and economic growth is raging in California.  Amanda Carey’s story in The Daily Caller describes an effort to roll back implementation of a California state law that would crack down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The political battle over climate change policy in California exposes the progressive environmental elites who want to keep the current law in place.  Venture capitalist John Doerr, who is also Al Gore’s business partner and a member of President Obama’s economic recovery board, is putting up big money to defeat Proposition 23.

The New York Times wrote about the progressive effort to defeat Proposition 23:

“John Doerr, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and his wife, Ann, have given $2 million to the No campaign. Wendy Schmidt, a philanthropist and wife of Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, donated $500,000 while Lucy Southworth, a Stanford doctoral student and wife of Google co-founder Larry Page, contributed $100,000. Members of San Francisco’s Fisher family, founders of the Gap clothing chain, have donated more than $ 1 million.”