Big Business is on a Collision Course with the Tea Party

A nationwide poll conducted by the National Center for Public Policy Research and FreedomWorks demonstrates “a dramatic drop in customer favorability” when conservative voters were informed about corporate support of President Obama’s progressive policies.

The poll focused on General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.

GE lobbied for Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan and received tens of millions of dollars in government grants and contracts. GE was also a huge supporter for cap-and-trade legislation which could have mandated the purchase of renewal energy products such as GE’s wind turbines and solar panels.

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Johnson & Johnson not only promoted cap-and-trade legislation but they also funded ads supporting ObamaCare.

Key findings about conservatives:

* Sixty percent of conservative voters said they are less likely to buy products from companies that have lobbied in favor of Obama’s legislative agenda.

Key findings about Tea Party activists:

* Eighty-one percent of conservative voters active in the Tea Party are less likely to buy products from companies that have actively lobbied in favor of Obama’s legislative agenda.

The poll demonstrates a business risk for companies supporting Obama’s big government agenda.


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