American Jobs Not One Of Obama's Priorities

The unemployment results are out and the numbers don’t look good.  As our nation’s economy remains sluggish, unemployment has risen to 9.2 percent.

According to the Associated Press:

The Labor Department said Friday that the economy generated only 18,000 net jobs in June. And the number of jobs added in May was revised down to 25,000.

Businesses added the fewest jobs in more than a year. Governments cut 39,000 jobs. Over the past eight months, federal, state and local governments have cut a combined 238,000 positions.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s priorities were not focused on jobs.  Instead, Obama was preoccupied with obtaining a $787 billion stimulus package that failed to maintain unemployment at or below 8 percent; forcing ObamaCare on Americans and limiting health care choices; and by picking winners (renewable energy sources) and losers (fossil fuels) for his energy agenda.