America Is An Exceptional Country

The American Dream does exist. It’s up to you the individual to pursue it.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul knows a thing or two about achieving the American Dream.

George Willis of the New York Post describes Jason’s inspiring rags to riches success story.

Jason’s parents, Jean and Marie Pierre-Paul, fled the horrors of Haiti in the 1980s and settled in South Florida where Jason and his two siblings were born.

The family faced significant challenges, including Jason’s father being legally blind when Jason was eight months old.

Times were tough for the family and Jason had numerous jobs while growing up to help his family.

But it was Jason’s love of sports that shined a light on the possibilities for a bright future. Furthermore, Jason acknowledges that love, guidance and support from his parents provided him with a strong foundation:

“My mom and dad taught me a lot,” he said. “They kept me out of trouble and told me to go a better route. They taught me how to be a man, basically. We moved from place to place and it was hard to adjust to different schools. But we made it.”

America is truly an exceptional country where individuals can use their God given talents to achieve success.