Bill Spetrino’s Exclusive Interview with Deneen Borelli on “Blacklash”

What was your motivation for writing your book “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation?”

Our country is at a crossroads and now is the time for all Americans to understand the dire consequences we face unless we restrain our Government Gone Wild. We are saddled with massive debt, government spending remains out of control and President Obama’s policies have made our bad situation much worse. Our country must reverse direction soon or nosedive into a cycle of dependency that is turning America into a welfare nation — a “government plantation.”

I wrote “Blacklash” to inform and inspire others to take action to defend our liberty from the massive growth of government. I describe my evolution from ordinary citizen to conservative activist. My story serves as an example to liberty-loving Americans that anyone can wake up from a political slumber and take an active role to promote liberty.

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