PJ Media's Interview with Deneen Borelli on "Blacklash"

From PJMedia.com:

Deneen Borelli is a dangerous woman. Her new book, Blacklash, How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation, provides an unapologetic portrait of how government dependency has destroyed initiative, and the family unit, in much of black America.

Borelli is dangerous in the same way Sarah Palin is dangerous, or any of the other counter-symbols to left-wing orthodoxy. As a black conservative, with a sharp wit and courage to speak out, she is a beacon to others who might otherwise be too timid to break out of the confines of racial expectations.

Blacklash tells the story of how one woman who happened to be black also happened to be conservative. With race playing such a central role in our national discourse, Borelli presents a dangerous symbol to a president who will need extraordinary racial cohesion to win re-election. Beyond the symbolism, her message is even more lethal to the left: being a racial minority does not mean you have to think a certain way.

I had the opportunity to interview Borelli about Blacklash for PJ Media.

Read the entire interview here.