Revolt against the Filing Cabinet Keepers: Deneen Borelli's "Blacklash"

By Cornelia Mrose: Why aren’t black people allowed to have their own opinions? This is the question that Deneen throws at her readers in the introduction of her new book “Blacklash”:

I believe in the power of the individual. I’m a freethinker. Yes, I’m also black, but that fact has nothing to do with my belief in limited government. . . Why can’t a black woman question the outrageous spending of our government? Why do people assume that if I am black, I should automatically endorse entitlement programs for the poor? If white people can question government handouts, why can’t I question them too?

There is this strange notion that because I am black I should agree with all black people. But all white people are not similarly expected to agree with Bill Clinton or George Bush. Nor are all women expected to agree with Hillary Clinton or Michele Bachmann. So why is it that black people–especially black women–aren’t allowed to have their own opinions?

Why? Because collectivists love to collect people and love to arrange them neatly into little drawers: one for blacks, one for women, one for the white heterosexual enlightened male, one for gays, one for Hispanics. Deneen does not fit into any one of these little drawers.

Collectivists are orderly people. It’s no secret to them that controlling lots of people requires a structure in which the individual is caught – similar to a cobweb. Or similar to a filing cabinet with many drawers.

There is no drawer for Deneen: she is black and a woman; a conservative; a believer in free markets; a freethinker. The only thing to do with someone like her who violates the fundamental principles of drawer arrangements is to discard her. The trash can is the only appropriate place for her.

And that’s why she is trashed in the vicious way which she describes in the introduction to her book “Blacklash.”

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