From Obama to His Jobs Council Members: “You’re Fired!”

This week’s applications for unemployment increased to 368,000 and on February 1, the much anticipated January jobs report will be announced with the current unemployment rate at 7.8%.

With unemployment remaining stubbornly high, it’s clear Obama doesn’t have a plan to solve our country’s job crisis.

Today, Obama decided to end the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, a group charged with finding ways to boost economic growth and job creation.

A video clip from one of the panel’s meetings highlighted the insincere effort of the group, led by GE CEO Jeff Immelt, to take meaningful steps to spur job growth. When discussing the failure of Obama’s stimulus plan to create “shovel ready” jobs, they all laughed.

Unfortunately, the joke is on the American people especially since some of the panel member’s companies — such as Immelt’s — received millions of dollars in green energy stimulus money.