Will a Crony Capitalist Become Part of Obama's Cabinet?

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers is a foot soldier in Obama’s war on fossil fuels.

There’s growing speculation that Rogers is considering a cabinet post in the Obama Administration as Secretary of Energy.

Rogers is a progressive activist masquerading as a CEO (read Tom Borelli’s commentary), lobbied for cap-and-trade legislation and appeared in an ad sponsored by an environmental activist supporting the cap-and-trade bill.

Rogers also used shareholder money to back a loan for the DNC convention and Duke Energy also received a $200 million grant from Obama’s stimulus plan.  Since the DNC fell behind on its fund raising goal, it had to get $7.9 million from Duke Energy shareholders.

At an annual shareholder meeting a few years ago, I asked Rogers if Duke Energy’s loan to the DNC was motivated by his seeking the DOE job and Rogers denied that was the case.


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