IRS Scandal Discovered Last Year

By Deneen Borelli

The Washington Post reported the IRS conducted an investigation about the special examination of conservative groups last year but the agency hid the results from the public. Despite finding problems with the targeting of conservative groups last May, the agency suppressed the damaging information during an election year.

This sure looks like the IRS was playing politics in order to protect President Obama.

In late March 2012, IRS deputy commissioner Steven Miller–who resigned his post as acting commissioner last week at President Obama’s request–directed senior technical advisor Nancy J. Marks to investigate allegations of political targeting of groups seeking tax exempt status, agency officials told congressional aides. Holly Paz, acting director of ruling and agreements, worked with Marks on the probe, and both traveled to Cincinnati to conduct interviews.

On May 3, 2012. Marks gave what IRS officials described as a “presentation” to Miller describing her findings. Marks said the investigation had found significant problems in the review process and a substantial bias against conservative group, Ahmad said.