NAACP’s Brock Used Michael Vick Verdict as Example of Bias Against Blacks

After attending the NAACP’s 104th convention, I have firsthand experience on the massive brainwashing that was conducted by the organization’s leadership that consistently used emotion and victimization to influence its members.

The indoctrination began early Sunday morning at an emergency meeting following the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

During this session, NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock made a number of outrageous comments where she:

• Sarcastically rejected critics who said race was not part of this tragedy
• Stated race matters in our country and that the pendulum of justice is moving backwards for blacks
• Used Michael Vick’s jail sentence for a “couple of dogs” as evidence of racial injustice

Following our attendance of the convention, we were able to communicate our observations in the media including Sean Hannity’s recent special on race relations.

On Hannity I mentioned the brainwashing component of the meeting and my husband Tom described the convention as very high on emotion, very low on fact and nothing on solutions.

Benjamin Jealous, President and CEO of the NAACP, continued with the victimization during his speech at the convention.

Jealous’ speech promoted the left-wing agenda while failing to communicate the consequences of these policies on the black community.

For example, he was proud to report that the NAACP played a role that “shut down dirty coal plants that are polluting our communities and killing our children…” (about 22:45 into the speech).

Jealous omitted the economic impact of closing coal power plants. It’s estimated that 280 power plants will close resulting in job losses and higher electricity prices.

Since blacks have lower average incomes than other demographic groups, the rise in utility bills will harm black families the most.

Regarding health issues, Jealous conveniently forgot to mention that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, during the past 30 years air emissions from coal fired power plants fell to about 63 percent.

Brock and Jealous are leaders in the progressive movement and they are willing to misinform and exaggerate claims in order to rally their membership to advance their left-wing ideology.