Tawana Brawley Pays While Al Sharpton Cashes In

Al and Tawana
Al and Tawana

Al Sharpton was the lead off hitter in the progressive war on women in 1987 when he took advantage of teenager Tawana Brawley.

Twenty-five years after Tawana Brawley slandered ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones, she is now paying for her lies.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton escaped accountability and is living the high life.

The New York Post reports that Brawley’s wages will be garnished to pay for slandering Pagones.

Not only has Sharpton not apologized for exploiting Brawley, Sharpton’s financial penalties were covered by other benefactors including Johnnie Cochran.

Sharpton, now a national figure, has never apologized for his role in the hoax.

While Brawley will struggle to pay for her misdeeds, Sharpton is cashing in on his new found popularity by hosting his nightly show Politics Nation on Comcast owned MSNBC.