Desperate Obama Takes to Twitter to Slam the Tea Party

President Obama took to Twitter to escalate the attack against the Tea Party in a desperate attempt to get the upper hand in the ongoing political battle over the government shutdown.

Obama is frantically trying to change the debate over the government shutdown from his failed and unpopular health care plan to the Tea Party.

From USA Today:

Obama, who has stepped up his attacks on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Tweeted to supporters: “Tea Party extremists caused this #BoehnerShutdown. Tell @SpeakerBoehner to end it now:”

It’s clear Obama wants to continue with the left-wing strategy of the demonization of the Tea Party in an effort to drive a wedge between moderate House Republicans and the Tea Party backed members.

Earlier in the week, Obama blamed the shutdown on “one faction of one party in one House of Congress in one branch of government,” in a reference to the Tea Party backed House members and Harry Reid (D-NV) has gone off the rails assaulting these Congressmen as “ Tea Party Anarchists.”

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also weighed in telling The Weekly Standard about the threat posed by the Tea Party:

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York told THE WEEKLY STANDARD following a noon press conference Thursday that in 1995 “it was a different world.” Why is that? “Because we have a Tea Party,” Schumer said without elaborating as he walked away.

Tea Party activists and politicians that represent their values know the gravity of the current political fight and they are not going to stand down.

That’s why Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) fired back at the president in a Tweet saying, “Way to uphold the dignity of the office.”

Despite the full scale assault against the Tea Party including IRS intimidation, the grassroots movement remains vibrant and is our only hope to reign in this government gone wild.

As a proud Tea Party activist, I’m thrilled Obama recognizes the power of our grassroots movement and now is the time to double down on our effort to make sure the House Republicans remain strong.

Schumer is right – the Tea Party makes this shutdown different because we are not going to sit down and shut up.