Obama and His EPA Use Deceit to Advance Radical Goals

One of the most unfortunate trademarks of President Obama and his administration is the outright deception of the American people.

Obama lying about the consequences of his health care plan to citizens that were happy with their private insurance is a blatant example of his dishonesty.

However, sometimes the deceit is more subtle. Take for example the EPA’s effort to obtain input on one of its proposed actions on power plants.

A commentary, published in The Herald-Dispatch, “EPA ignores West Virginia, other coal states,” exposes the insincerity of the agency’s 11 city listening tour on its planned greenhouse gas regulations for power plants.

As discussed in an earlier post, instead of going to communities that will be most affected by the new rules, EPA’s tour included states that have very little relationship to either coal mining or coal electricity generation.

The commentary adds important information regarding the lack of connection between coal and the cities on EPA’s schedule:

Let’s list the cities where the EPA will be stopping and the percentage of electricity derived from coal: Boston (13 percent coal); New York (4 percent coal); Philadelphia (41percent coal); Washington, D.C. (0 percent coal); Atlanta (33 percent coal); Dallas (34 percent coal); Chicago (42 percent coal); Lenexa, Kan. (62 percent coal); Denver (63 percent coal); San Francisco (1 percent coal); Seattle (4 percent coal). None of these cities lie within the top 10 states for electricity generated from coal.

West Virginia leads the country as the state with the highest percentage of its electricity generated from coal at 95 percent. Neighboring Kentucky comes in as a close second, with 92 percent of its electricity generated by coal. The remaining top 10 states are, in descending order, Wyoming, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, North Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska and New Mexico. Several of these states contain large cities, but the EPA has elected not to give their residents a voice in this process. Either the Obama Administration and the EPA are unbelievably out of touch, or they are afraid to talk to those who are forced to accept their policies.

The EPA is clearly trying to avoid states that will be impacted the most by its regulatory attack against the coal industry. Yet at the same time, the agency can say it conducted an effort to hear from citizens across the country.

Whether it’s outright lies or the EPA’s manipulation of its tour schedule, Obama and his underlings will sacrifice the truth and fairness to achieve their radical goals.