Washington Post Columnist Says Tea Party ‘Must Repress A Gag Reflex’ Over Interracial Marriage

Once again, the progressive elite are expressing their complete ignorance about Tea Party activists.

In Richard Cohen’s Washington Post commentary, “Christie’s tea-party problem,” he falsely claims Tea Party activists are “cultural conservatives” disturbed by “cultural changes” in our country.

Cohen outrageously said Tea Party supporters “must repress a gag reflex” regarding interracial marriage:

Today’s GOP is not racist, as Harry Belafonte alleged about the tea party, but it is deeply troubled — about the expansion of government, about immigration, about secularism, about the mainstreaming of what used to be the avant-garde. People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America. To cultural conservatives, this doesn’t look like their country at all.

As with the Dixiecrats, the fight is not over a particular program — although Obamacare comes close — but about a tectonic shift of attitudes.

Cohen is wrong on all points. First, as a Tea Party activist, I know the movement is built on fiscal issues and it’s motivated by reigning in our government that has gone wild. ObamaCare and the massive growth of government are the issues that drive our activism.

Second, as a spouse in an interracial marriage, I know from personal experience that Tea Party activists are not concerned about my marriage. Both Tom and I are warmly received and welcomed at Tea Party events and rallies around the country and on many occasions, we are asked to speak on the same agenda.

In fact, we are the dinner speakers for The Carolina Patriots Tea Party event, “An Evening with Deneen and Tom Borelli,” on Friday, November 15 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Ironically, the criticism I get about my marriage is from the Left.

The full scale assault against Tea Party activists continues from all angles from being called racists, extremists, and red necks to attacks on interracial marriages.

Cohen should apologize to Tea Party activists for disparaging the character of freedom-loving Americans.