EPA Gina McCarthy’s Words and Actions Display Contempt for Americans

Gina McCarthy

As if we didn’t need more proof that the Obama administration is filled with progressive elites that disdain the way of life of ordinary Americans, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy recently gave us additional evidence.

Following questions regarding gifts she was given during a recent trip to Alaska, McCarthy revealed her true feelings about Alaskans by delivering extremely derogatory comments about a couple of items she received as gifts. Watch video here courtesy of Mediaite.

Michael Bastasch’s Daily Caller story, “EPA chief under fire for insulting a gift from Native Alaskan tribes,” covered the details on McCarthy’s offensive comments.

The firestorm began when McCarthy’s comments were reported by The Wall Street Journal last week while the agency head discussed federal gift guidelines. McCarthy said that federal officials chased her down for a “dinky” North Pole pin someone gave her at an event to which she said, “I threw the f–ing thing away.” She also said that a jar of moose meat she got from a little girl at a hearing in Alaska “could gag a maggot.”

Alaska’s Representatives were outraged over McCarthy’s comments.

“Gina McCarthy’s words sound like they come from someone who has contempt for, rather than an appreciation of the rich customary traditions of Alaska’s people,” said Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young in a statement.

What’s worse for Alaska is that McCarthy’s regulatory actions targeting the state’s mining industry match her nasty words.

Last year, the EPA conducted a raid including armed agents of an Alaskan mine over concerns the operation was violating the Clean Water Act.

Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) testified at a Congressional hearing on the raid:

“[A]n EPA SWAT team of heavily armed and armored agents conducted ‘paperwork’ inspections on small mining operations in what attempts to be nothing more than an effort to intimidate and scare hardworking Americans,”

Fox News just reported on an investigation of the raid that was ordered by Alaska Governor Sean Parnell.

A special counsel report ordered by the governor of Alaska over an armed “raid” last year on Alaska miners found that the EPA-led investigation unnecessarily exposed the mining families to harm — but also did not find any evidence that task force members broke any laws.

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell called for a special counsel to look into the August 2013 raid, saying federal enforcement officers were armed while looking for Clean Water Act violations alongside state authorities. He said members of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation joined EPA agents in going after gold miners in the area.

The report, released Thursday, said the EPA failed to provide witnesses and documents to the special counsel in charge of the investigation. The special counsel report also shows the EPA went forward with the raid, even though the Alaska Department of Public Safety had investigated the criminal concerns a year earlier and “found [them] to be without merit.”

It’s clear by its words and actions the EPA has contempt for our liberty and rights. Our elected Representatives must reign in the EPA by drastically cutting its budget.