Watch Deneen Borelli Discuss 4th Graders Homework on Cheating Dad

More outrage from our classrooms.

A homework assignment for 4th graders involved reading passages that included topics on marital infidelity, violence and death.

The Blaze reported on this issue:

The “inappropriate reading assignment,” obtained by KTSM-TV, asks students to draw inferences based on the information provided.

The news station provides a transcript of the questions included in the assignment:

Ruby sat on the bed she shared with her husband holding a hairclip. There was something mysterious and powerful about the cheaply manufactured neon clip that she was fondling suspiciously. She didn’t recognize the hairclip. It was too big to be their daughter’s, and Ruby was sure that it wasn’t hers. She hadn’t had friends over in weeks but there was this hairclip, little and green with a few long black hair strands caught in it. Ruby ran her fingers through her own blonde hair. She had just been vacuuming when she noticed this small, bright green object under the bed. Now their life would never be the same. She would wait here until Mike returned home.

1. Why is Ruby so affected by the hairclip?

2. How has the hairclip affected Ruby’s relationship?

Predictably, parents in the Texas school district are outraged.

Deneen discussed this topic with parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa and Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

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