Deneen Borelli responds to White Privilege Conference ‘brainwashing’

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 6:55 am by Kyle Olson/

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Although the White Privilege conference has been in existence for many years, this is the first I’ve heard of the event or organization.

The first word that comes to mind is brainwashing. From what I’ve read on the website and seen of highlight videos from the sessions, attendees are bombarded by messages of racism which reminds me of my experience at last year’s NAACP convention.

I attended several breakout sessions at the NAACP convention and the message of victimization and an “us versus them” mentality was rampant throughout the event with no discussion of solutions to the serious problems plaguing the black community such as high unemployment, failing public schools in urban communities, crime and gang activities.

What also concerned me about the NAACP convention was the number of young adults in attendance – just like the White Privilege conference – who were listening to adults echoing the victimization and race card message, essentially, grooming the next generation.

I don’t know anyone involved or associated with the White Privilege conference. I find the topics of discussion disturbing especially for young individuals.

America is an exceptional country where anyone can succeed. I believe personal empowerment, independent thought, personal responsibility and hard work are the keys to individual success.

Empowerment is about taking control of your own destiny by capitalizing on the amazing opportunities that liberty provides all Americans.

Because the progressive movement is effectively using race based politics and advocacy groups to drive a wedge between minorities and our principles, it’s important to educate individuals of all races, colors and creeds on issues of economic empowerment and the many benefits that free enterprise can have on families and communities across America.

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