The Obama Kids Eat Gourmet Lunches, Everyone Else’s Kids Get Swill

michelle obama

By T. Kevin Whiteman/

Since her husband’s inauguration in 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama has stated that one of her top priorities is to take the lead in the nationwide fight against childhood obesity. Yet with the passage of time, the effectiveness of her crusade and what exactly her role is in government very well may have spun out of control.

As reported by CNSNews, there have been increasing pushbacks against Mrs. Obama’s efforts. CNN reports, moreover, that the First Lady believes she has a power that the Constitution reserves expressly for the Chief Executive … and the network seems to believe it, too.

Using the White House’s example of what’s been tagged hashtivism, the Twitter handle of #ThanksMichelle has been circulating less than complimentary photos of what’s Barbara Boland has referred to as “skimpy, stomach-turning school lunches.” To add insult to injury, Boland reported that the Washington, D.C. private school the Obama daughters attend has a lunch menu that has more in common with Maîtres de la Gastronomie than with Lunch Lady Doris.