Why Did Deneen Borelli Blast the NAACP

For the second consecutive year, the national leadership of the NAACP shut the door to black conservatives.

Not taking no for an answer, FreedomWorks’ Empower.org program rented a conference room for the Empower Liberty Summit at the Mandalay Bay hotel where the NAACP was holding their 105th annual conference.

The Empower Liberty Summit provided an opportunity for black conservatives to discuss solutions to the issues that are harming the black community.

While the panel discussed important issues such as education, energy and employment, the NAACP was whipping up the black liberal voting base on the imaginary issue of voter suppression.

Progressives Today reported on the Empower Liberty Summit.

Deneen Borelli and several black conservatives held their own conference across the hall from the 105th annual NAACP convention at Mandalay Bay. Borelli blasted the NAACP for their shameful treatment of black conservatives at the 2014 annual meeting.

“We rented our room because we were denied a voice. That’s why we’re here in this room. We’re gathered here to start the conversation. That’s all we’re asking for is a conversation to discuss the longstanding issues that are negatively impacting the black community.”