What Daily Show Jon Stewart Said About Obama ISIS Speech That Has Democrats Worried

The last thing the Democrats need is to be mocked by the Left before the mid-term elections but that’s exactly what’s happening.

On “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart devoted an entire segment criticizing Obama from the liberal perspective regarding the president’s nationwide speech on ISIS. During the segment, Stewart effectively used a number of media clips that contrasted Obama’s past and latest mideast policy.

At first, Stewart showed a series of clips where Obama criticized a military strategy of attacking individual terrorist groups including a flippant comment of using a “whack a mole” strategy and then he showed clips of the president’s speech where he said our country was going to “destroy ISIL.”

Stewart also illustrated how Obama’s new policy is very similar to conservative Republicans that want to bomb the terrorist group off the map.

Stewart criticizing Obama on military action is the Democrat party’s worst nightmare. To avoid a humiliating defeat in November, Democrats need the left-wing base to turn out to the polls.

Labeling Obama as a war hawk will only add to the growing list of liberal complaints which could translate into low liberal voter turnout and a Republican landslide victory.

Hat tip Mediaite.com