Guess What John Kerry Thinks Is The Most Serious Issue Facing The World

As ISIS terrorists sweep across Iraq and Russian aggression threatens the Ukraine, Secretary of State John Kerry says climate change is among the most serious issues facing our planet.

The Daily Caller reported on Kerry’s speech about climate change in New York City.

Kerry: “And when you think about terrorism, which we think about a lot ; poverty, which is linked obviously to the levels of terror that we see in the world today; and, of course, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all of these are challenges that don’t know any borders. And that’s exactly what climate change is. Importantly, climate change, without being connected in that way to everybody’s daily thinking, in fact, ranks right up there with every single one of the rest of those challenges. You can make a powerful argument that it may be, in fact, the most serious challenge we face on the planet because it’s about the planet itself. And today, more than 97 percent of all the peer reviewed studies ever made confirm that.”

Kerry’s comments elevating the risk of climate change above terrorism can only fuel our enemies and strengthen their resolve.