Domestic Violence Can Happen To Anyone… I Should Know

Domestic violence by NFL players brought national attention to this serious issue.

Although October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we should raise awareness about this problem year-round because not all instances of domestic violence make the headlines.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. I should know.

Years ago I was a victim of domestic violence and the ordeal reminded me about the importance to be self-reliant.

In my book Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation, I described the challenges I had to deal with on my own from being attacked and then stalked by a former significant other for over a year.

Below is an excerpt from Blacklash:

I did everything I could to defend myself and not allow him to overpower me for one second. Somehow we ended up in the kitchen. Several kitchen chairs went down and even a few pots. I managed to get my hands on a baking pan and I struck his body anyplace I could and hard. He finally ran out of my apartment.

I had several bruises and I know for sure he did as well. My baking pan was no longer usable, and thank goodness for it. I missed a day of work to get myself together and just allow what had happened to sink in. I knew I had to take what happened to another level. Someone of authority must know about this. What if he were to attack me again? The next time one of us – or both of us – could end up dead? At this point, I had no idea what he would do. Come back with a weapon? Hire someone to harm me? So many things went through my mind. From that day on, I had a different perspective for women who were stalked and attacked by their “significant” others.

Thankfully, I was strong enough to overcome this serious challenge but sadly, others are not.

Please watch and share the video in this post by 17-year-old Ali Tomineek.


On his debut album, February 31st, Ali tackles social issues such as Heroin use and domestic violence. In fact, Ali says that his ability to talk about social concerns is another one of the benefits of remaining an independent artist. Ali commented, “[one of the] luxuries I think I have are being able to attack social issues in my songs without having to worry if it will be approved for release.”

You can follow Ali Tomineek on Twitter @AliTomineek

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