The Conservative Response to Obama’s Unprecedented Lawlessness

By Daniel Horowitz originally posted at Conservative Review

We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. An American president is illegally violating our sovereignty and rule of law with one of the most consequential acts of our time – all without the consent of Congress.

This is one of those times when we should put aside politics and do whatever it takes to restore our constitutional form of government. This act must be stopped. Now.

Conservatives must be firm and committed to fighting on multiple fronts – any and every way – that will restore our constitutional form of government.

1. Defund immediately: Congress must prohibit funding immediately in the current budget bill. Now that Obama has decided to use the unlawful route to implement his dyslexic priorities, the response from Congress must be crystal clear. Congress must use the upcoming budget bill for the current fiscal year to defund the administrative action immediately. They should fund the rest of government in a short-term bill while defunding the relevant action in a separate bill containing appropriations for DHS and any other relevant agency. This will allow us to defund the amnesty immediately, but still fund the rest of government in the short-run while retaining the power of the purse over the remaining areas of government if Obama acts unilaterally through other departments and agencies.

2. Block Nominees: Every Republican senator must pledge to block any Obama executive or judicial nominee for the rest of his presidency until the royal edict is rescinded. This is the other constitutional check on the executive and it only takes 51 votes to succeed.

3. States Must Fight Back: States must recognize the power they have in this fight and governors and state officials should learn a lesson from voters in states like Oregon, who overwhelmingly rejected a measure on the ballot that would have allowed the state to issue “driver’s cards” to anyone, regardless of their ability to prove legal residency. Republicans, many of whom are eying the presidency, now control 31 governorships and the full trifecta of state government in 23 states. Now is the time to see what they are made of.

Members of Congress are often confronted with an array of complex policy decisions and strategic choices. Stopping Obama’s lawlessness is not one of them. It’s really simple: Republicans in Congress must telegraph an unambiguous message to the president that they will not fund any program that subverts the rule of law. No tricks, loopholes, or dilatory tactics are acceptable.

The American people overwhelmingly elected Republicans to stop this type of lawlessness. They must either lead or get out of the way.

Originally posted at Conservative Review

All politicians need to be held accountable and that’s where voters can play a role.

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