Al Sharpton to black Britons: ‘Stop being sell-outs and stand up to racism’ (Video)

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Al Sharpton brought his special brand of race hate to the University of Westminster in England, where he lamented that black Brits were “sell-outs” who needed to “stand up to racism.”

Sharpton made his comments during an event held by Operation Black Vote (OBV), an organization that laughably claims to be “non-partisan” and “exists to ensure we have greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK” according to its website.

As reported at the UK-based voice-online, Sharpton ranted quite harshly at the event, telling an audience of 400 people in no uncertain terms that they really need to get much more riled up about racism in their own country instead of focusing on racism in America. Sharpton “ran through a long list of issues, such as austerity and immigration, which he said black people should be up in arms about.”


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