Evidence shows EPA funded human trials, exposed children to cancer-causing air pollutants, despite 2006 ban

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The Environmental Protection Agency has defended its decision to fund university experiments that tested deadly air pollutants on children, saying the studies were approved by review boards and were stopped after the agency banned the practice in 2006.

“When these regulatory restrictions went into effect in 2006, the studies in question stopped enrolling children,” an EPA spokeswoman told this reporter when asked about tests occurring after the 2006 ban.

But the Washington Examiner looked into the issue and found that universities funded by EPA grants continued to expose children to diesel exhaust particles after the agency banned such experiments.

“In the next year, we intend to continue recruitment of adults and children,” researchers with two southern California universities told the EPA in a progress report covering 2006 and 2007 activities.

The EPA did not respond to either the Examiner or TheDCNF when asked further about the progress report contradicting their claims.

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