What About Julia? A True Story.

Originally posted by Dan Bongino at Conservative Review

I spent the past weekend celebrating my daughter Amelia’s third birthday. One of the stops we made was in the local Build-A-Bear store to buy her a new teddy bear. While we were there we ran into a woman, let’s call her “Julia”, who worked in the daycare location where we used to send Amelia.

It turns out that Julia works in the Build-A-Bear store, along with the daycare center, all the while holding down a third job to make ends meet. Julia kept smiling the entire time we were in the Build-A-Bear, and I admired her for doing so, despite the obvious fatigue showing on her face. Watching a fatigued Julia work despite her exhaustion reminded me that Julia lives in the real world, and in the real world, real policies have real implications for real people. My interaction with Julia, who is a flesh-and-blood person living in the real world, makes me wonder what happened to the faux-Julia from the 2012 Obama interactive web campaign ad (note: this ad has been removed from the campaign website)? Do you remember her? It was a campaign ad designed to highlight the government’s involvement through Obama’s policies, in the life of a fictitious woman named Julia.

But, what has President Obama really done to help the real ‘Julias’ of the world; is it the “free” community college plan? The Julia I ran into in the Build-A-Bear already has access to student loans for college and, if President Obama was honest with her about the additional taxes which will be taken out of her three part-time paychecks to pay for “free” community college whether she attends community college or not, I’m not sure she would be so willing to take the deal. If President Obama was even more transparent and explained to her how excessive government involvement in the student-loan business has been a primary-driver of the elevated costs of a college education, she would probably be even less likely to look favorably upon the deal.

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