Bad Medicine: the $400 Billion SGR Doc Fix Bill

Originally posted by Daniel Horowitz for Conservative Review.

This week, the GOP-led House of Representatives will take two major legislative actions before breaking for Easter/Passover. Only in Washington can this weekly outlook be believable.

On Wednesday, House Republicans will likely pass a 10-year balanced budget, which contains a solid, yet imperfect, plan to downsize the federal government. The following day they will pass a massive new health care spending bill together with Democrats, saddling taxpayers with a $400 billion tab over the next 20 years.

Here’s the kicker: the balanced budget will be a non-binding resolution that Republicans will never stand behind during the appropriations season; the “doc fix” spending bill (H.R. 2), on the other hand, will absolutely become law.

For more on the proposed “Doc Fix,” read: A Doc Fix that is Anything But

This legislative dynamic essentially sums up Republican governance over the past few decades. In word and campaign rhetoric they talk a good conservative game; in deed they join with Democrats to grow government.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is putting the finishing touches on the $210 billion health care spending plan, which would replace with current “SGR” federal reimbursement scheme for Medicare providers with a new system. Everyone agrees that under the current broken single-payer Medicare system costs have grown out of control and have engendered a need to better compensate health care providers for treating Medicare patients. However, it is better to pass a short-term rate increase with spending offsets than to pass a permanent bill that is not fully offset and contains no structural free market reforms to address the root cause of price inflation in Medicare.

Worse, this plan adds in a full two-year reauthorization of the SCHIP welfare program without any reforms, which as we noted, should be terminated altogether in light of the Medicaid expansion and Obamacare.

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