Guess Which Agency Got Subpoenaed Over Government Records

The Obama administration is suffering from an epidemic of missing records.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former IRS employee Lois Lerner and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy all share government records problems.

Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee filed a subpoena for records as part of the committee’s investigation of over 5,000 text messages that were lost from McCarthy’s agency phone. The House Science Committee is concerned that the missing text messages from McCarthy’s phone is a violation of government’s retention law.

Suspicions were raised after the EPA produced only one text message from McCarthy’s phone that was related to government business.

The single text message produced for public review was communication between McCarthy and the head of The League of Conservation Voters surrounding the Keystone XL pipeline.

In a letter to McCarty, Smith said, “I am left with no alternative but to issue a subpoena to compel you to produce, among other things, unredacted cellular phone billing records and emails relevant to the committee’s oversight.”

McCarthy’s lack of transparency raises significant concerns about her integrity and the actions taken by the EPA under her leadership.