Is Barack Obama a Christian?

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Over half (54 percent) of Republicans, 26 percent of independents, and 10 percent of Democrats, when asked in a recent poll which religion describes President Obama’s “deep down” beliefs, said he is Muslim. The poll was conducted in October 2014, by Alex Theodoridis of the University of California at Merced and released in February. Choices included Muslim, Christian, atheist, spiritual, or “I don’t know.” While 45 percent of Democrats said Obama is Christian, his stated belief, only 18 percent of independents and 9 percent of Republicans agreed. Many also responded “don’t know” – i.e., 47 percent of independents, 26 percent of Democrats, and 19 percent of Republicans.

Why are Americans suspicious of Obama’s avowed Christianity? Perhaps because his Christian piety increases when it serves his politics, and just as quickly vanishes when it does not. Defending his executive amnesty, Obama lectured Americans that the Bible says we must not “oppress the stranger” – if those strangers happen to be four or five million illegals and potential Democratic voters. Yet his administration oppresses into court the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of nuns who have ministered to thousands of the neediest elderly “strangers” worldwide since 1839. Their crime: refusal to pay for Obamacare-mandated abortive birth control drugs. While the president incessantly invokes the Bible’s “I am my brother’s keeper” clause and even uses it to title a new initiative for young black men, he ignores his own brother who lives in poverty in Kenya.

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