The “Cinderella Man” Complex

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Originally posted by Dan Bongino for Conservative Review

Due to my near obsession with opinion shows on the 24-hour news channels, I don’t watch many movies anymore. But, a few days ago I stumbled upon the movie “Cinderella Man” about the life of professional boxer James J. Braddock. Although I love boxing and was familiar with Braddock’s story, I was unaware of all the layers of his incredible comeback story.

What makes Braddock’s story so compelling is his embodiment of many characteristics universally accepted as virtuous and worthy of emulation. Many people are tough, many are resilient, and many have a solemn sense of personal responsibility. But people who can lay claim to having all of those characteristics, at the same time, have all of the markers of greatness.

Braddock had these characteristics in spades. Braddock lived through the worst of the Great Depression with his wife and children but refused to take any handouts until his situation became untenable. He refused to stop working on the docks even though he frequently did so with a badly injured and broken right hand, which he hurt in the ring. And, most importantly, he never gave up on a career in boxing despite losing a number of bouts and being labeled a “has been.”

I am writing about Braddock because we have reached another turning point in the evolution of the Republican Party and Braddock’s story can help us find a better path to tomorrow. Many of the principled conservatives, libertarians, and Republican activists I speak with are tired. But they are not tired of the ever-present fight to defend individual liberty and vibrant freedoms; they are tired of the fights with members of their own Party.

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