The Government Bourgeoisie: A New Ruling Class

hillary clinton email

Originally posted by Dan Bongino for Conservative Review

The Hillary Clinton email saga is an outrageous story. This is not a story about email etiquette, it’s a story about the new government bourgeoisie.

The new government bourgeoisie are a class of high-ranking government officials who operate by a separate and distinct set of rules. The rules they live by are not the rules the rest of America lives by. They are not the rules the rest of the federal workforce lives by either. And while the Marxist description of the bourgeoisie defined a class of people who owned capital, the new, government-bourgeoisie own something far more powerful, the levers of power and influence.

If, during my time as a Secret Service agent ensuring Hillary Clinton’s security, I had purchased a private email server and conducted all of my official government business on it, I would have been immediately terminated.

It’s not a coincidence that trust in government is at a near all time low. Working Americans understand that there are two different Americas; one for the connected insider class, and one for the “little people.”

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Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent, candidate for Congress, and contributor to Conservative Review.

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