VIDEO: Reid’s Massive Flip Flop on Immigration

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Originally posted by Daniel Horowitz for Conservative Review

Earlier this week, we spotlighted Sen. David Vitter’s effort to close a ridiculous loophole in our immigration law, known as unconditional birthright citizenship.

The demonstrably false interpretation of the 14th Amendment has been exploited to grant citizenship to millions of children of illegal immigrants and has spawned a major birth tourism scandal.

Just how much of a slam dunk is Vitter’s effort to close the loophole?

In 1993, Harry Reid supported it. In fact, he introduced a bill on Aug. 4, 1993, the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993 (S.1351), which would have closed the birthright citizenship loophole – exactly what Vitter is trying to do today.

Among many enforcement provisions in the 76 page legislation back in 1993 – most of which would be regarded as hateful and racist by the 2015 Harry Reid – is a fix of birthright citizenship. In Title X of the bill (page 75) Reid actually makes citizenship even more restrictive than the Vitter amendment. Under Vitter’s bill, a child born on American soil would be granted citizenship as long as either parent is a legal permanent resident. This is plain common sense. Had Reid’s 1993 bill been signed into law, any child born to a mother who is either illegal or a temporary visa holder would not be a citizen, even if the father is an LPR.

The Reid bill even contained a provision slapping a $10,000 penalty on any non-citizen who violates federal law and votes in an election.

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