Watch Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Call America A Racist Country

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In an unbelievable and outrageous comment, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz described America as a racist country.

Parroting the propaganda served by Al Sharpton and aided by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, Schultz told CNBC host Jim Cramer that blacks today are subjected to a high degree of racism.

Schultz rattled off a number of cities where police action resulted in blacks being killed and concluded these events are evidence that blacks are experiencing the same level of racism that occurred many decades ago.

Let’s first look at the situation in the country today. Between Ferguson, (Missouri); Madison, Wisconsin; New York; Cleveland; there obviously is, the country is being torn apart by racial injustice and a level of racism that we haven’t seen publicly for a very long time.

Schultz made his comments in an effort to explain Starbucks’ plan to address race in America. Under his plan, customers may have the opportunity to discuss race issues with Starbucks baristas if the server decides to write “Race Together” on the coffee cup.

Describing America as a racist country is not the way to improve race relations or to improve the reputation of Starbucks.