Baltimore Riots: Mob Rule and the Role of Local Government

Baltimore riot
Baltimore riot

Originally posted by Daniel Horowitz for Conservative Review

Conservatives are often accused of “opposing all government” and supporting anarchy with their doctrine of limited government. But the reality of the mob rule we are witnessing in Baltimore, as well as in some other cities over the past year, clearly shows that it is the liberals who oppose effective use of government when it is most needed.

To begin with, the appalling violence in the city of Baltimore, my hometown, is a transparent failure of a century-worth of absolute Democrat control. And despite the claims of some local politicians, the violence is not being fomented exclusively by outsiders.

Democrats control every facet of every branch of government in the city and there has not been a single Republican elected to the city council since 1939. They have nobody but themselves to blame for the rampant crime and high taxes and regulations. The city population has decreased from nearly 1 million in 1960 to 620,000. Baltimore has gone from the sixth largest city in the country to a fledgling basket case with fewer residents than some other cities that were considered small towns just a few years ago.

Throughout a half century of policies that have been geared towards expanding the role of government into every facet of our lives and redistributing wealth for every targeted subsidy known to man, this paradigm for liberal governance was missing one critical element. The liberal politicians ignored the one aspect of government that is not only necessary, but vital to preserving liberty – robust law enforcement.

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