Does Hillary Clinton Make More Money Than The Top Ten CEOs

Slamming Wall Street is part of Hillary Clinton’s makeover effort intended to gain support of middle-class voters.

For instance, during her first campaign stop in Iowa, Clinton criticized the pay disparity between CEOs and typical Americans.

Yet, Clinton’s $300,000 speaking fee makes her more money per hour than the top ten CEOs in the U.S.

From the Washington Examiner:

Clinton’s reported premium speaking fee of $300,000 per speech pales by comparison to the $131.2 million paid to McKesson CEO John Hammergren, but, depending upon how the data is calculated, there is more — and less — that meets the eye in Clinton’s assault on Wall Street compensation.

Clinton gives more than one paid speech per year, just as corporate CEOs typically receive their total compensation from multiple sources like stock options, pension contributions and salary. This means a fairer comparison is to look at Clinton and the top 10 CEOs by calculating their total compensation divided by the Department of Labor standard of 2,080 work-hours in a year, as in the nearby chart.

On that basis, the CEOs are pikers compared to an hour of Clinton speaking for $300,000. Hammergren, for example, makes only $63,076 for the same hour of labor. Clothing magnate Ralph Lauren, the second best-paid CEO on the Forbes list receives $32,067. Vornado Realty’s Michael Fasitelli, the third-place CEO, gets $30,961 per hour.

The per-hour average for the CEOs is $54,213, or about one-sixth of Clinton’s $300,000 premium speaking fee.

It takes a special kind of politician to engage is such hypocrisy.