Apparently This is How Some Workers Prove They Deserve a Raise

McDonalds Protest
McDonalds Protest

McDonald’s employees made their case for a wage increase to $15/ hour this week, not by working hard or finding ways to improve customer service. Rather, the fast food workers staged a protest that shut down a McDonald’s restaurant location in Illinois entirely.

The Associated Press reports:

Hundreds of protesters marched around McDonald’s suburban Chicago headquarters Wednesday, shutting down at least one building on the corporate campus as they called for pay of $15 an hour and a union.

About 100 protesters were arrested for trespassing as they temporarily blocked two streets around the McDonald’s campus a day before the company’s annual shareholder meeting. McDonald’s closed a nearby restaurant because of traffic concerns, and told employees in a building targeted by protesters they should work from home, company spokeswoman Heidi Barker Sa Shekhem said.

Scaring customers and preventing employees from doing their jobs (especially since McDonald’s is struggling to stay competitive these days), is not exactly the best tactic for an employee looking for a raise. If individuals want to find financial success, they should empower themselves through education and learning new skills, not entitlement and a “give me what I want or I will shut it all down” attitude.