Entitlement Program Scam Artist Caught on 22 Counts of Fraud

prison bars
prison bars

Julia Nguyen is facing 22 counts of fraud after manipulating federal programs for tens of thousands of dollars through entitlement programs, including Social Security, Medicare, housing, and welfare.

Rare.com reports:

She tried to falsify immigration documents for two Vietnamese women in 2007, collected $59,000 in Social Security benefits for people who moved out of the United States and weren’t eligible for them, and because she never disclosed that income, collected over $30,000 in benefits she wasn’t eligible for.

Additionally, she got subsidized housing money by stealing one man’s Social Security Number and by lying about her own income in order to qualify for her own housing. Finally, she altered a doctor’s note so she could illegally qualify for Medicare and got the state to pay Nguyen’s daughter to care for her—even though Nguyen wasn’t in need of care.

The icing on the cake? She used the EBT benefits of an elderly man who left Iowa to move back to Vietnam. She defrauded the program by some $10,000.

About two-thirds of all federal spending went to entitlement programs in 2014. Who is making sure that isn’t all going to the Julia’s of the world?

Does anybody else think it’s ironic that she shares the name of President Obama’s infamous “Life of Julia” campaign character?